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Dimanti Privacy Policy

This website privacy policy outlines how Dimanti collects, uses, stores and shares personal information. Dimanti is located in Ontario, Canada, and abides by the laws and regulations set out by the province and country.

The personal information that users share with our company is important and we are committed to protecting it with security measures from unauthorized access or use.

Personal information may be collected in order to provide a better user experience regarding Dimanti’s products and/or services through our website. The collection of personal information enables our company to enhance our website and to provide information regarding our products and/or services to our customers. Information received from users by representatives of Dimanti either digitally via email and text, or in person, or by mail, may be saved and securely stored for future use.

Representatives of Dimanti may use personally identifiable information and browsing information collected when users visit our website in an attempt to improve our marketing efforts and to make our website and online marketing campaigns more relevant and useful to users. Information collected may be used to improve all aspects of our online presence, including our website, promotions, social media, digital marketing, and products and/or services. Our purpose in using this information is to better meet the needs and interests of our online visitors.

Representatives of Dimanti may contact interested customers using the information provided by users (for example, an email address, telephone or cell phone number, home or business address, etc.) through the use of our website with the purpose to learn more about or request our products and/or services. This applies to any correspondence, including but not limited to, online, by phone, by mail and in-person.

It is Dimanti’s commitment that personally identifiable information will not be sold, rented, or shared to any third party unless it is important to do so in order to provide a user or customer with information related to our products and services. Dimanti is the owner of any information collected directly through our website, online forms, electronic communications, etc.

Dimanti uses cookies and Google services, including Google Analytics and Google Ads, to collect, store and use data and statistics about users, in order to develop our website, serve advertisements and improve our marketing efforts with information gathered from these services.

Our website privacy policy may change or be updated from time to time. Please check back at your convenience to review our privacy policy and any updates. Users that have questions, comments or concerns about our privacy policy and how we use information can contact our company. This privacy policy applies to all aspects of the Dimanti website, digital communications and online marketing.