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Why Choose Us

Continuously Advancing Since 2004

At Dimanti, we understand the significant challenges and risks associated with choosing a fabricator/installer for your stone countertops.

Unlike many in the industry, we recognize that the absence of industry standards, training, and regulations can lead to subpar workmanship and unsatisfactory client experiences. This awareness drives us to stand out as a trusted choice dedicated to offering an unparalleled level of service and quality.

Expertise and Experience:

Dimanti is more than just a fabricator/installer. Our current team boasts an in-house design team of six engineering technicians, ten fabricators/Installers and six office personnel. This horsepower guarantees the smooth operation of our distinctive process and ensures the consistent and reliable delivery of Dimanti’s best-in-class, 4-business-day turnaround promise. With over two decades of experience in cutting and installing various stone countertop materials, Dimanti stands out as a company with unparalleled expertise. Our leadership has embraced and implemented the philosophy of “Continuous and Never Ending Improvement” throughout our 20+ years in business. In an industry lacking uniform standards, Dimanti brings a level of sophistication, skill, and knowledge that sets us apart.

Material Grading and Quality Assurance

Material Grading and Quality Assurance:

We prioritize top-quality slab material produced at an advanced level. Recognizing the absence of standardized material grading in the industry, Dimanti takes proactive measures by evaluating materials in-house. We often reject materials that do not meet our proprietary testing standards. These steps are taken to guarantee that our clients receive a product of the utmost quality, aligning perfectly with their expectations and investment.

Safety First

Safety First:

Safety is a top priority at Dimanti. Since 2017, we have been the sole shop in Essex and Kent Counties conducting air quality testing to guarantee a secure working environment for our team. This commitment to safety is reflected in all our practices, supported by a dedicated committee ensuring ongoing well-being in our shared workspace. By choosing Dimanti, you opt for a company dedicated to both your safety and that of our team.

Constant Innovation

Constant Innovation:

Dimanti is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects. Our dedication to innovation ensures that both our work and the culture we cultivate embody values such as respect, luxury, and intelligence. This commitment is consistently reflected in every project we take on, as we persistently work towards improving the quality of our craftsmanship and the overall experience we offer.

In an industry lacking standardization, making fair comparisons becomes challenging. Your investment in your home deserves the utmost respect, care, quality assurance, and professionalism – qualities that Dimanti consistently delivers. Experience the noticeable difference by choosing Dimanti for stone countertops that go beyond your expectations.

Proactive Industry Leadership

Proactive Industry Leadership:

We go beyond basic compliance standards. Starting January 2024, Australia has banned the use of quartz due to health concerns related to airborne silica resulting from improper fabrication techniques. At Dimanti, we have been proactive about addressing such issues since nearly our inception. We employ modern manufacturing techniques and consistently invest in upgrading our CNC equipment to eliminate the risk of airborne silica, ensuring a safe workspace. Our commitment to safety is verified through second-party air quality testing.

We are dedicated to elevated environmental standards and proudly operate the only 99% wastewater recycling system in the area’s stone countertop industry. This dedication reflects our prioritization of the safety and well-being of our staff, clients, and the environment, positioning Dimanti as an industry leader.